Goulash Month


Goulash - where it comes from and why it is so common
Goulash has been a Hungarian national dish known for centuries. The original is made from beef, onions, red peppers and paprika, carrots. Its name comes from the Hungarian gulyás, from gulya - "cowboy".
Goulash is a national dish in Hungary and its neighboring countries in Central Europe and the Balkans. It is also known in other parts of the world. It is considered a simple homemade dish because it requires little attention when cooking, using cheaper pieces of meat.
The goulash is prepared as a stew. The meat is cut into pieces, salted, seasoned with black and red pepper and fried in hot fat. Shank or shoulder meat with enough veins is used to allow the goulash to thicken thanks to the collagen-rich muscles. Add chopped onion, red peppers and spices. Once the meat is browned, add broth or water and simmer over low heat for several hours. Depending on the recipe, you can add diced potatoes, carrots, tomatoes. In some goulash recipes the vegetables are boiled until they become a pulp and then mashed, in others they are left whole. Some goulash recipes add other spices, bay leaf, thyme and ground cumin seeds, wine and beer.
Depending on the area, the goulash is served with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, polenta, cabbage, sour cream, gnocchi, dumplings, as a separate dish, with bread.
There are known recipes for goulash in addition to beef and mutton, pork, rabbit.
Nowadays, it is more often eaten in a restaurant due to the long cooking time. More than 50 species of goulash are known in the world. Goulash is found as a dish and as a soup.
In the brewery Die alte lampe we offer year-round soup and the Viennese version of goulash with gnocchi according to authentic home-made recipes. Once a year we offer a whole month dedicated to goulash, this month you can try 7 types. The recipe is different for each region. Here are some famous representatives of this delicious dish:
Bavarian goulash - beef, more different spices and dumplings
Viennese goulash - beef with gnocchi
Transylvanian goulash - with potato dumplings and cream
Tyrolean goulash - venison, warm red cabbage and polenta
Mutton goulash - prepared with mutton is a variety of garnishes
Guerrilla goulash - potatoes predominate
Gypsy goulash - add more vegetables, different types of meat
German goulash soup - with beef, spicy and vegetables
Hungarian goulash soup - with beef and potatoes.
Consuming goulash with German draft beer is a real pleasure for our senses.

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