15 Years Die Alte Lampe

15 years ago, on 6 December 2003, the Fenerite beer factory started to work, then we had to renamed it in Die Alte Lampe. All these years, we have all strived to do our best to make something worthwhile and tasty. My mother helped me adapt my grandmother's home-made Viennese recipes, now makes cakes of authentic Viennese recipes, My daughter is getting involved more and more actively with work and thought. Anita led and also included all her family to prosper the beer with idle and hard work. Stoyan and Biljana tirelessly invented and continued to invent any delicious recipes. Katie and Drop with the wonderful designer designs and advertisements, Milena and Kircho, who have always been meeting to help. I want everyone to thank you! We did something unique for Sofia - a real German Beerhouse.