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Немска бирария Фенерите София Лозенец Южен парк наливна бира вурстчета градина кромбахер вайщефанер

Trifon’s Day in German style



Festive menu for two with a glass of wine and live music

Trifon’s Day (or Trifon Zarezan) is one of the most loved and revered holidays. The Vineyard’s Day has ancient pagan roots since the Thracians lived on the Bulgarian lands, and the spring celebrations in honor of God Dionysus were celebrated with a particularly great splendor.

On 14.02 we will celebrate Trifon Zarezan in German style with a festive menu and live music in the German Beerhouse!

1. Trifon Zarezan Plate – Pork Knuckle, Roasted Pork, Wienerwurst, Spicy wurst, German Cabbage, Red Cabbage with Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Fried Onion, Dark Sauce and Mustard
2. A glass of wine – 2 pcs.
3. Live music – rock band “Acoustic Addict” (three acoustic guitars)

Price of the menu: BGN 42.00 for two