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Немска бирария Фенерите София Лозенец Южен парк наливна бира вурстчета градина кромбахер вайщефанер

Spanish night at Die Alte Lampe

бирария фенерите събития испанска вечер


Музика от Средиземноморието!

Boyanova duo Anna and Emil Kalev will perform Spanish and Sephardic songs

This evening was officially closed our Mediterranean menu. Will cook authentic Spanish paella / by appointment /!

September 1, 2015 | Start: 19:00 | Spanish night at Die Alte Lampe Fenerite – Sofia

Anna and Emil Boyanova Kalev duo are performing an incredible music of the Mediterranean. Due to the great interest from our Italian night, we invited them again to perform for you Spanish and Sephardic songs.

The date was September 1 at 19:00 pm., The place is only one – the German beer garden lantern in Sofia, near South Park! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details about the evening event in the German beer hall!

Anna Boyanova-and-Emil-Kalev beer garden lanterns Sofia