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Немска бирария Фенерите София Лозенец Южен парк наливна бира вурстчета градина кромбахер вайщефанер


първи бирен учебен ден софия


Да ....Отново на училище!!!

Yes …. Back to School !!!

Opening of the school year in the premises of the German beer hall on 15 September /
Tuesday / at 19:00. with the following program:

1 hour – Addressing the students and check appearance
2 hours – History of beer – control
Great break – in “the chair” traditional beer grill menu pair / triad and meatballs
Meatballs with garnish
3 hours – Employment training
4 hours – a lesson – evaluation of results

Documents will be accepted to fill the class of email
reserve@fenerite.com or by telephone on 0885 63 53 23. Find out more details about the event on our Facebook Page.