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Немска бирария Фенерите София Лозенец Южен парк наливна бира вурстчета градина кромбахер вайщефанер

About us

A piece of Germany

nemska-birariq-restorant-fenerite-sofiq-bulevard-arsenalskiHave you ever enjoyed a long, cool afternoon, under the shade of trees in one of the Lego-resembling towns on the riverside of Mein or Rein; where the best company would be chilled mugs of amber delight, fresh grilled sausages, roasted pork knuckles, excelent pretzels, dumplings, roasted potatoes, cabbage…

If you haven’t experienced this yet, now you can enjoy it in Sofia if you come to our German pub Fenerite. In a modest and cozy environment and in the company of old and new friends you can find a special offer – home made German and Austrian cuisine and old family recipes.

You can start with one of the favourite specialties of the connoisseurs – an Austrian speciality of cheese and tuna fish called Liptauer, or Bavarian obatzta, or you can enjoy the rich aromatic taste of gnocchi or Emmentaler cheese cream soup, peas or asparagus soup, and then proceed with the utmost pleasure to the main dishes – goulash with gnocchi, roasted pork knuckle in dark sauce and home made dumplings, Vienna schnitzel with potato salad…Discover your favourite desert among our sweet temptations – Mammie’s home made cakes, hot cherries with vanilla ice cream, apple cake, fried apples with cream…

We already have true friends from Germany and Austria who are the best guarantee for the authenticity of the typical German taste and the quality of the specialties we offer.

Welcome and PROZIT!